Thursday, June 25, 2009

Western States 100

Over the past few months I've been priveleged to meet Maine's only two entrants into this weekend's Western States 100 ( a 100 mile trail race in California. The WS100 is the Boston of ultra's, attracting enough applicants to require a qualifying system and lottery.

Jamie and Dr. Jim (a fellow chiropractor) are Maine's two runners crazy enough..... I mean, good enough to qualify for this year's race.

I never even considered the possibility of doing an ultra until meeting these two guys. I was fortunate to join Jamie and one of his pacers on a night-time trail run, with the intent of practicing using headlamps on technical terrain. I've been so focused on technique in my running lately that it was a joy to tap into that timeless feeling of running. I was focused more on just making sure not to trip over roots and fall into puddles in the dark, that two hours went by in a flash. I gained some appreciation for the mental state I presume one needs to enter to complete something like WS. I can't say I'm entering the lottery for next year but I think I can see how its possible at least.

So join me in wishing these two guys the best. As you go to bed Saturday night send them some positive mental energy as they don headlamps to finish out their journey!