Sunday, July 5, 2009


OK so the great Pineland barefoot experiment lasted all of 4 minutes. Two minutes to realize that the trails there weren't quite as soft as I remembered, then two more to get back to the car to retrieve the Vibrams. Somehow I was remembering lush grass paths, which there are a few of, but it doesn't take much gravel to ruin the experience. I was more concerned with being able to open up my stride and get in a good long run than tip-toeing over rocks.

I did finish off the run with a half hour of barefoot running around the grass of the campus proper, which I've done in the past. I will say that the Pineland campus is a great place to get in some barefoot running. The fields at Twin Brook in Cumberland are another good place to get in a little distance sans shoes.

I actually spent most of the rest of the day barefoot, taking the kids to the beach and then some backyard wiffleball. By the end of the day my feet felt swollen and sore. Linda took a picture:

Just kidding- this is a picture I found online taken of a tribal villager who had never worn shoes a day in his life. I can't imagine this guy ever suffered from bunions or heel spurs!

A quick reiteration here: I'm not advocating that runners throw away their shoes. But barefoot running, as a form of training, promotes good form and strengthens your feet and legs. It's a great way to help prevent injury or as part of rehabing from an existing injury.